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Our Story

When Jane Lockhart and her husband Donald were dating, he’d often cook dinner and she’d make dessert. Jane soon realized that working with the best ingredients and simple technique made for layers of exquisite texture, rich flavors, and perfect sweetness. Jane had fallen in love with baking… and Donald!

With support from her family and friends, Jane began baking out of her home, selling her delicious desserts to local LA restaurants. Quickly, her reputation for taste, quality and style grew, and in 1988, the original Sweet Lady Jane Bakery opened in West Hollywood.

Ever since then, Sweet Lady Jane has been a part of family traditions, intimate friendly gatherings and the most exclusive celebrations. Our signature Triple Berry cake is known around the world and ordered daily by moms, dads and the Hollywood glitterati.

More than three decades later, Jane’s commitment to freshness and simple, all-natural ingredients remains one of our core values. At Sweet Lady Jane we break our own eggs, peel our own apples, roll our own pastry, and squeeze our own lemons. We use the finest fair trade chocolate, the freshest butter and cream, the highest quality in-season fruit, and no preservatives.

Our mission is simple – we make good things even better.

Thank you for being our customer.

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