Jane’s Story

Jane Lockhart Day One Polaroid

Jane Lockhart wasn’t always a baker…

She loved desserts, but found store-bought ones to be “too sweet” and “too commercial.” When Jane and her husband Donald started dating, he oftentimes cooked dinner while she would experiment with a wide array of simple desserts. Jane realized early on that when she used simple, fresh ingredients, the resulting desserts had the best of all possible worlds – layers of perfect textures and rich flavors, without being overly sweet!

With support from her family and friends, Jane began baking out of her house, selling her delicious desserts to local restaurants in Los Angeles. Her reputation for taste and quality grew, and on May 5, 1988, the original Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in West Hollywood opened its doors.

Over the years, Sweet Lady Jane Bakery has opened additional locations, yet Jane’s commitment to freshness and simple, all-natural ingredients remains one of our core values.